A complete compression unit in a small space

In the version with dryer, one has in a single solution: compressor, dryer, tank and filters in just 1.2 m² (500 l) with the following advantages:

  • Minimum space requirement and easy installation
  • No installation costs for the dryer and the filters (all assembled at the manufacturing factory’s premises)
  • Elimination of air leaks in pipes
  • The elimination of many pipes assures a minimum fall of pressure, increasing energy savings.

Easy Maintenance

In designing this series of machines, special attention has been paid to the aspect of “SERVICEABILITY”. All the internal parts are easily accessible, and the oil level is visible from the outside, with no requirement to remove any panels.

Replacing And Tensioning Belts

For the replacement and/or tensioning of the belts, just remove one fixed protection (side panel). The special transmission design ensures proper alignment of the pulleys.