MSA Tank & Dry

MSA TANK and MSA DRY are two industrial options for compressed air production. They are compact, pre-assembled and ready for use. Designed for small and medium-scale industrial needs. Ideal where space is limited or close proximity to the work site is required.

MSA Tank

  • Two versions : 270 and 500 liters
  • Three pressures : 8 – 10 – 13 bars
  • Twenty-two models : from 5,5 to 15 kW

Atmospheric air compressed by the compressor is collected in the air receiver. The condensate produced can be drained through a valve at the bottom of the air receiver.

Air Receiver

Made of steel panels horizontally mounted on a fixed base, built and inspected according to

current EEC regulations. Sturdy structure allows all components to be assembled without affecting the tank’s stability


A unit for the compression, drying and filtering of compressed air, assembled on a fixed, horizontal air receiver.

Available in:

  • two versions : 270 and 500 liters
  • three pressures : 8 – 10 – 13 bars
  • twenty two models : from 5,5 to 15 kW

for delivery of dried and filtered compressed air in conformity with ISO 8573-1 Classes 1 – 4 –1 (dust, water, oil).Atmospheric air is compressed by the compressor and stored in the air receiver, then filtered and dried before entering the air network. Condensates formed during the various compressed air treatment phases are automatically drained.