The STAB-O-SHOC GD24/29 SP is a gas damper with a separating piston. Consequently, it can be installed in any orientation, for example as an overrunning brake damper in vehicle manufacturing applications. Thanks to the fine-tuned damping force in both directions of motion the damper is highly suitable for the swinging vibration load in commercial vehicles – a true individualist. Upon reversal of the direction of motion, its damping force will start directly and without slip. Like all other dampers from Stabilus, it is maintenance-free and will work absolutely flawlessly for many years.


  • Damping force max. 9000 N
  • Damping forces can be set independently of each other in the tension or compression direction at the factory
  • With extension force
  • Positive, direct instant damping
  • Mounting in any orientation


  • Overrunning brake damper
  • Seat damper (vertical vibration damping)
  • Soft top damper (e.g., convertible top)