We have the expertise to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions and know-how to give them ground-breaking results. Mechatronics Qatar is always aiming and striving to be the best in all things automation related.


Mechatronics focuses a great deal on providing the best in-class service to its customers after a product has been purchased as it is the most important factor in this day and age. The Mechatronics Service Division takes under its wing breakdown, preventive maintenance, upgradation & modernization of Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electrical, Industrial automation and weighing applications. We listen to the queries of our customers to know the issues they are facing, and we give them a solution that is cost effective, easy and efficient for them.

Our professionals are more than qualified in providing the best results for our customers. Our Service team consists of professionals who are experienced and competent enough to oversee your installation, troubleshoot your problem, and recommend improvements to your current operation.

A complete service for factory and industrial automation can be provided by our team. The benefit for the customer is a single organisational entity with a single point of contact backed by remarkable cross-technological competence. Efficient & uninterrupted annual maintenance of industrial BMS is one of the many perks we offer.


At Mechatronics we take up design, manufacturing & installation of Electrical control systems for industrial & process automation. We also ensure that these systems are regularly maintained from time to time. Trouble-shooting, programming, commissioning of Programmable Logical controls (PLC) will be customised as per the customer's requirements.

We provide reliable systems with proven concepts as we have extensive experience in a broad spectrum of industries and applications. We are a one-stop solution for all your industrial and automotive requirements.